I Forgot Life With Migraines

As a Christmas present, my dad drove me an hour from home to get a piercing. He drove me an hour from home to the cleanest and most well respected shop near by. People thought it was a strange gift to be so excited about. The thing was, I wasn’t getting the piecing for cosmetic reasons, rather for the famed benefits that come from it. I’m sure if you’re on social media, you’ve seen posts by now about the daith piercing. I’m not one to believe at first jump the  things people share on social media, but at the point I was at, I was desperate for relief.

I was made a believer. I was struggling with constant pain. Most days of the week I had migraines, and if I didn’t have migraines I had a headache. I learned to do my best live with my head always hurting. All I wanted to do was sleep in a dark room, which is not beneficial to a college student. After getting my piercing, I had one migraine that lasted three hours and two headaches that were easily fixed with a normal dose of over the counter pain medication. My life was back to relatively normal.

Then it happened.

A few days ago, I woke up and scratched my ear only to feel like I was touching metal, and I was. My piercing had worked it’s way up through the skin and came out. I can’t say I wasn’t warned- I have small, shallow ears. I can’t fit even the smallest squishy earbuds, I have to take the squishy off. The man who pierced my ear even reiterated this, warned me this could happen, and then chose to pierce my daith a little higher than the traditional way. It lasted nearly two months, the night before it came out I was telling my friends that it was about time to order a new piece of jewelry I had been eyeing on Amazon for it. I was absolutely heartbroken. So much so I cried. Two people told me: It’s just a piercing.

But it wasn’t.

You see, I had forgotten what it was like to live with migraines. I had forgotten all the little things I had done the past few years to try to avoid triggers. I had stopped carrying expensive, high dose pain relievers. I had finally been able to turn the brightness up on my phone and my computer without fear that it would trip the “migraine” switch. I was able to completely spray myself with perfume and not just half spritz. I didn’t have to cringe anytime I was somewhere that was very aromatic. I worried less about not getting enough sleep or reading too long. I didn’t have  to worry if the little pang in my head would end in me nauseous at light, lying in bed, trying to sleep, but unable because of the pain. I hadn’t had to start the day every day with a set of horrible tasting vitamins that swore they were a natural cure. I didn’t have to ask my roommate to turn her music down, or beg the group of friends I was with to turn the TV lower. I could lower my caffeine intake and not have to worry about the effects. I didn’t have to deal with the fact that stressful days would get the cherry on top of a migraine.

With my piercing gone, I knew that it is a very real possibility that these things are my life again. In the past four days, I have popped headache medicine at the first twinge of a headache terrified that the episodes will start again.

I will try again. There’s another part of the ear that the guy who pierced my ear said was good for migraines, and I’m hoping to soon get it pierced and I am trying to stay positive that it will be just as effective. Ultimately, after I have given it time to heal, I may try again with my daith. Forgetting how it’s like to live with migraines was just too worth it to not try again.


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