Girl Behind the Words


That’s me. BRandy. You can call me B. Twenty. Small town girl. INFJ. Yes, two capital letters. A work in progress. Adventurer. Awkward is my specialty. Expert in losing things. Fiercely patriotic. Often unapologetically sassy. Grey’s fanatic. Future physician. Lover of hot tea, words, all things purple, and cheesy puns.

africa map

That’s home. Elk City- home of the Elks, just our mascot no live ones. Population 12, 606. Oil field town. People known for farms, trucks bought with daddy’s money, and driving around in the same circle for “entertainment”. Home to some of the best people I’ve met.

africa map2

That’s the clan. Everyone has a reason they don’t give up, they are mine.

Dr. Picture

This is home for the next five months. Puebla, Mexico, home to 1.434 million people. Overwhelming? You bet. Exciting? Absolutely.

Letters to 2

That’s a picture of the places I want to go. I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list. Join me for the ride.

I don’t bite (often), so feel free to contact me! You can use the “Contact” option or you can find me by any of the following (most are linked and you can click them):


Twitter – @BRandy_314

Pinterest– BRandy Thomas (MissThomas12)



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